Sharemont is continually evolving and growing thanks to the dynamic individuals we have in our organisation. Sharemont has grown over the past few years and we are exceeding sales figures and targets. This would not have been possible without the input, hard work and dedication from our outstanding sales representatives and management teams. We are constantly on the outlook for extraordinary people to join our company to help us develop and grow to even greater heights. Sharemont offers full time employment as well as part time programmes for all South Africans.

what our staff say

The work environment is wonderful! Everyday spent with everyone at the company is worth remembering. The employers are awesome, free spirited and are very motivating. Most people believe we are born to hate our bosses, but they would never give anyone a reason to feel that way.

Lisa Mukonyerwa – Junior Presenter

Amazing company with a “family like experience” great work ethics and really brings out your personality. There is a lot of growth in this company and personally the best company I have ever worked for thus far… MONEY! MONEY! MONEY!

Dillon Naganna – Senior Presenter

I love working for Sharemont! The support is amazing. Working for Sharemont is like you running your own business.

Sibongile Brosens – Senior Presenter

Vangile Khomane – Junior Presenter

It has been a roller coaster of a ride but have enjoyed and have learnt a lot. Looking forward to growing in the company.

I have had a lot to learn in a short space of time, which has been exciting and eye opening. The support is amazing, and I feel we’ve been doing this work experience like “pros”

Bokang Khabo – Junior Presenter

I had a lot of good times ever since I started working here. There is a lot I have learnt with the Sharemont family. I grew within the company, such amazing working for wonderful directors and friendly staff.

Thendo Mukwevho – Junior Presenter

In a short space of time I was challenged and taught a lot of things, a great environment to work in and definitely THE BEST LEADERSHIP to be under.

Snentokozo Ntombela – Senior Presenter

My experience at Sharemont is very good because we got opportunity to learn new things every day.

Daisy Mosebedi – Junior Presenter

Sharemont has been so helpful to me the experience I have received is out of this world. Since being introduced to Sharemont my life has changed in just a short couple of months. I recommend them to anybody who is willing to change their life around

Roxanne Goncalves – Senior presenter

Sharemont has been a journey of excitement, I have learned a lot in my short time here and the support and encouragement I have got from Mr Ruddy, Mr Watters, Mr Cain, Ms Naidoo, Ms van Staden, Ms Hlungwane, Mr Rambaran and the entire team has been so great. I believe that everyone has contributed to me positively hence the confidence I have gained. THANK YOU SHAREMONT FOR MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN MY LIFE!!!

Sibusiso Tshabalala – Junior presenter

Being a part of the Sharemont family has been a life changing experience. I love every moment working for Sharemont.

Summer-Rayne Jacobs – Recruitment Manager

Since day one, its has been an experience working here. Meeting new client’s daily feels like one big family working together. Looking forward too many more years.

Ricardo Maia – Senior Presenter

Michael Cain – General Manager

Sharemont has a very positive attitude towards employees, it’s a workspace where we work hard but always remember to have a laugh here and there. We are one big family!

I have been working at Sharemont for a year now, and to be honest I love working here! Sharemont is like on big family, people care about you and there is always a helping hand. This is really the best place to be!

Bodene Lewarne – Financial Clerk

Sharemont is honestly by far the best company. There’re ample amounts of growth here. I have been here for 8 months and from where I started to where I am now is mind blowing. The work environment is extra special because everyone there is like your second family. I don’t think I’ll ever find such an amazing group of people anywhere else. They are truly and whole heartedly amazing but professional.

Lebogang Matsaba – Executive PA

I can say without a doubt Sharemont has opportunities for those who truly aspire to go above and beyond. My favourite part about Sharemont is I always have opportunities to learn and new things, solve new problems and grow as an individual and in my career. The company truly cares for its people. Out of all the culture, pillars, Sharemont understands that success and growth is not possible without great people.

Simoné Naidoo – Sales Manager

I have been working with Sharemont for a while now, and I have never experienced the feeling of “family like” environment like this before. It is nice working for this company because they treat you very well and make you feel part of the team. Also have growth potential. Couldn’t ask for a better company like Sharemont.

Slondile Gule – Senior Presenter

Working for Sharemont has been a total “breath of fresh air”. An environment where you are appreciated for every effort, hour and sweat you break. The cherry on the cake is that you get paid for everything you do fairness is the culture in this professional establishment. Motivation to strive for better daily is provided and if there’s one company that believes in promotion based on effort it is SHAREMONT!!!

Sameerah Paul – Support

GROWTH!!! Yes, seems cliché – But going back to how I started at Sharemont, and how I am today is amazing. Sharemont helped me grow as an individual. From an ordinary sales consultant to one of the top sales mangers nation-wide. I learnt how to be a stronger person in my position and personally too. I honestly don’t think I’d be where I am today if I worked an “ordinary 9-5” but today I am an ENTRIPRENEUR. That’s what Sharemont does, it grows people to be greater. Thank you Sharemont 🙂

Nkateko Hlungwane – Sales Manger

I joined Sharemont in November 2019 and since then my life has changed in positive way, I never thought possible. From the very first day in training the level of support has been unmatched, there is no other company on earth that provides the in-depth training and support that I have received here. No problem is too big or too small to be sorted out and no question is too difficult to answer. There is always someone willing to listen and guide you. I felt welcomed from day one. Many companies talk about a “family atmosphere” but here it is true! Thank you Sharemont for existing. I would sum up my Sharemont experience in one word: AWESOME!!!

Rudolf Jansen van Nieuwenhuizen – Senior Presenter

Working at Sharemont has been a “breath of fresh air”, coming from a conventional “9-5” where I was under appreciated, but now I work for a company that feels like family with directors and managers that support my growth and encourage me to be better than my previous day.

Yamkela Bam – Senior Presenter

Working for Sharemont has been amazing. We are a family. I’m free to talk to anyone and they’re always ready to assist. The support is amazing. I don’t see myself going anywhere else. I love it here.

Millicent Mokoena – Senior Presenter

I joined Sharemont in November 2019…like any sales position I was required to sell, attend my first sales force and was blown away by the culture. The environment and the atmosphere. It is a “vibey”, friendly, professional and warm environment. Safe and fun! The training process or programme was very informative and although it was pressured to do well Mr Rambarana and Mr Watters were patient. They also always checked our understanding before moving on… Sharemont allows my personality to shine and by being me I do great 😊. The promotional criteria are real. Great company to work for. Sharemont is my home.

Alridge Pithamber – Senior Presenter

“The Stock Market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient”
Warren Buffet